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Photo Project: Shoot Yourself

One of the photoblogs I follow is Epic Edits, and the author (Brian Auer) and Martin Gommel came up with a good idea "of starting a project that could connect photography bloggers and photographers on a more global scale . So after a few emails, we landed on the idea of self-portraits that included our cameras. "
Check out the project page at the Epic Edits weblog.

Well, here is mine:

I taped a picture of me sitting on a cliff in Brazil as a kid to the inside of a glass door, then used a lamp to catch my face in the reflection. I boosted the shadows and highlights a bit, and then converted it to Black & White, then warmed it up a bit to come up with this. A bit of a challenge for me...I never take pictures of myself! Flickr Link.


  1. Looper said...
    wow that is pretty cool! you were such a cute kid!
    nike19 said...
    nice creativity...put some thought into doing something different.
    laanba said...
    What a great idea. So creative!

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